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Last modified: Feb 21, 1998

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The two fishermen gentleman

In a country of Wales, they fish in the same lago two noble getlteman: from years, every day festive to the same hour, with whichever climate, everyone in the same place. And for all this time, for the confidentiality which every individual of their rank has straight if never it has not been itself introduced, never they have not exchanged one word or one look, if not elegant a how much indifferent gesture to just the hat before throwing the lenza, and andarsene.
A splendid day of spring, one of the two is not introduced. But the successive time returns to resume with the customary regolarit2a and precision the frequentation of the small lake.
Dapprincipio that absence did not seem not to be noticed from the colleague, nevertheless some week after the event, making breakfast, chissa' in which way the thought the race without potervisi to oppose to that circumstance. And senti' irresistibilmente made curious. The day after without not even accorgersene, with a gesture dictated piu' that other from its unconscious one, quite removed the hat in sign of salute, and the day after quite the saluto' to voice. The other seppur in more the total indifference, ricambio'.
In head to a month it was successful quite to presentarsi, without moreover to demand to know the name of its interlocutor, than however it did not seem astonished from such outlandish behavior. In effects it succeeded to maintain a sure behavior. But the evening, to house, was torn to pieces between the senses of lead spregiudicata guilt for the own one and I torment of the curiosity for what had happened in that fatidical day.
After a year of insomnia and lack of appetite its physical decadimento was obvious, but it continued to attend the lago regularly. It was successful quite to speak about the meteorological conditions, of the festivities in country, always without the active participation of the interlocutor who however did not seem irritateed. But the sentore of own imminent the dead women, finally pushed it to undertake a program of approach forced to the argument of the painful issue in head to the end of the month:
- It feels, I would not want sembrarle indiscreet, but a year is remembered ago approximately... she absented for a day this noblest activity, than it allows me to say: " that it joins to us... ". But what can esserle happened of such gravita' from farle disertare the lago?
The other, without scomporsi, but with the usual gentility: - they are married to Me.
This answer did not expect, indeed ne it remained astounded so that it remained to fish every time ammutolito, for two weeks: - But like... E' loving upsetting of the art of the peach like me! What can averlo induced to sposarsi... - penso'.
The pains for the curiosity that previous had suffered on that a day could averlo removed from the lago, was moved integrally on that fantomatica woman from the evidently irresistibile fascination. Without to always lose just the apparently disinterested attitude it began to suffer for having information on the dama: - But excuses... your moglie will have sure to be much beautiful one...
- Not, for nothing, all its mother!
And the successive day: - Then he will be much intelligent one...
- Not, po' a stupidina in truth.
And the day after anchor: -... it will be a lot refined and elegant...
- Not, it is indeed a po' zotica.
The time passed, it got worse for rodersi and arrovellarsi: - E'... e'... e'... much rich one...
- Not, absolutely, it has not carried in dowry not even the equipment.
By now it was to the sgoccioli, and decided therefore three years after the terrible day, to face finally, in direct way the speech: - But as it is possible insomma that a getlteman as she, that it shares like me a irresistibile passion, a life choice, a mission like the peach, turns out attracted to such point from a woman whose qualities so are limited to appear unpleasant to anyone? Me it says I pray it... are three years that I suffer, has pieta' for this poor pl-pl-plebeo...
- On friend mine, not affranga in this way, svelero' a secret... - and sottovoce: - It has the worms in the figa!