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Therefore, I was to house of my bastard friend. I was there with my good friend and that it had introduced he to me and we were pranzando quand' that squilla the telephone here.
The telephone e' to capacity of hand and he answers there with its extreme emergency: - Ready? - and short sequence of convenevoli begins one in order then to limitarsi simply to agree.
We continue to eat. But soon it interrupts to me, and me fa' signal of passarmi the cornetta. I task that jokes, but it insists and practically me he puts in hand... I esitoad afferrarla, but it by now has withdrawn its, and I with skill avoid that he falls to the ground. -... then they have gone from my mother... - they are the only comprehensible words that I have felt. The only certainty was that it was be a matter of a girl... for the rest was a brusio continuous and monotone... - us six? - the cantilena one was interrotat.
I watch the others for a moment... the bastard me fa' signal of preoseguire. I task: - But to me that me ne frega... - then schiarisco the voice and I say a simple one to me: -.
The amusica resumes in the same way before. I then pass the cornetta to the bastard, but it bounces it to the good friend. The scene is repeated: every a lot a annuimento, a mugolio of confirmation, and the cornetta it returns to the bastard, than ready it still bounces it to me.

The game for me was gia' lasted enough, and the bastard had perfectly understood... therefore rincaro' the dose to it: - Chiedile when broom!
I am astounded and try to give back the cornetta... but most determined it e'... indeed becomes also threatening (cordial... but from a bastard us puo' to expect whichever thing...).
The girl from the song its continuous one to uninterruptedly litaniare on its poor things asking only every a lot a little reassurance. I make an other pair of attempts of liberarmi of the task also with the bond... but perche' being involved he?

To the fine ones I bother myself, and playing all for all esordisco for before the time (and, credetemi... the only one) of my life with a dry one: - and then? When broom?


I remain in a icy state of attended tension from... I turn the eyes on those of the companions who are in the same state... then jet the cornetta lean to the bastard who e' forced to afferrarla. - Ready? You do not say null? Not dirmi that you you did not wait for...

A bastard, perche' I call it thus... much human here, but a bastard... E' the one which I also thought in that moment... but... would not be truly a bastard if...

Felt here. A lot was put of agreement on an appointment... affably... making some striking... then stopped to speak and ricomincio' with the scattered series about " si' ", " mmm ", " gia' "... and as soon as I still distracted to a moment eccomi the cornetta between the hands... - XXX perche' you a six saint... you six much bond... if all were like you... -. I sgranai the eyes and did not listen beyond perche' I passed the telephone to the good friend who watched me triumphant in this way expressing: - you have inasmuch as bastard.