Woman or maid, this is the question

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Friends of Philosophical Arca

Last newsletter (the prodigiosa " machine ") has provoked one letter avalanche between enthusiastic and the doubtful one. Between the many ideas sottoposteci, that one of a comrade 69enne of Chiavari (resident currently to Lecco) to us e' seemed worthy of famous.
One assumes those practical application of the " machine ". In its inventiveness it " it has umanizzata ". In transcribing its proposal we have assumed the name conventionally woman, we have added to the neologism maid in the prezzolata application. Someone obiettera' that etimologicamente e' rifared us to the positioning piu' adapted for the machine, cioe' in bedroom where puo' to express to the best only the its true function. Such etimo poiche', not potendola nothing of cosi aulic, in realta' e' chosen ricoverare in one cuccia for seen dogs the dimensions, e' thought temporarily to one room.

Woman or maid, this e' the dilemma

The comrade interrogates itself approximately the opportunita' to choose one woman rather than one maid in the within of the life of a man. Right E' to put in front as this dilemma is born alone in the less well-to-do classes, where the cost of a maid must carefully be estimated before deciding. It appears therefore obvious that for the endowed classes of capacita' of yield piu' elevated the choice e' univoca: they take or piu' a waiter and not if ne he speaks pi3u.

We analyze which in the first place are the services demands. Fundamentalally three levels of performances can be distinguished:

The base performances see been involved the house: pulizia of atmospheres, detersione of the glasses, spolveratura of furnitures, rigovernatura, washing of the apparel and I iron, etc.
The accessory performances are mainly relative to the sex and contemplate, beyond to the distribution of sexual services, also small other similari tasks like commission, payments of bills, deliveries, alimentary expense and not.
The performances of lusso regard the preparation of the meal, the disponibilita' nocturnal (with night's passing in the padronale residence), the service to table.

It appears obvious that the levels of riferibili costs to the several hypotheses are clearly different between they. In the diffused case piu' we can imagine one room of approximately mq 70, with a single service and " a normal " cargo of apparel to manage (es. one shirt, a pair of mutande, a pair of pedalini to the day, a every sheet change and five canotte two weeks, etc.). The workload deriving from this quantifiable situation e' in minimal the every day hour and two like maximum, for five days to the week.

The comprising hypothesis " the accessory " performances sees a riconducibile widening to three hours weeklies magazine. To part the commission, a part of these additional hours could be demanded in serali hours, being preferibile the presence of the master perche' the distribution of sexual performances has effectiveness. In some cases these last ones are computed to part, singularly or forfettariamente. Volendole to value puo' to consider an expenditure of cinquantamila Liras one (comprising also one fellatio and the nudita'). Ne we will assume, like reference, two to the week.

The third scene " of lusso " sees stravolte the figures up to now expressed. In the first place the number of hours jumps to eight or piu'. Moreover, the eventual continuativa presence demands one room equipped for the shelter of the prestatrice of work during the inattivita'. Also the vitto e' generally admitted like integrating part of the retributivo agreement, thus like the dresses from job, that they must be supplied and be renewed from the employer.

Quantifying in approximately tredicimila L./hour the value L./month job and in cinquecentomila the value of the lodging and the vitto, how much is had follows [ year 1995 ]:

"base" 260,000 520,000
"accessories" 416,000 1,076,000
"luxury" 2,080,000 3,000,000
(+ eventually the contributions)

The last parameter to consider e' the licenziabilita' of the prezzolata prestatrice. In absolute and immediate the minimal case e'. In the maximum case (lodged near the master), the risk e' of doverle corresponding some mensilita' of severance pay for a reason or purpose. We say that a credible figure all million comprising puo' to be ten Liras.
Famous immediately that the very wide scissor e', spacing from duecentosessantamila Liras to beyond three million.

We estimate hour the alternative.
Which benefits and to which costs obtain from one cohabiting woman. In the first place, like in the case of the maid, also the woman puo' to be assumed in several shapes. If the maid could work in " black ", the cohabiting woman puo' essre
Both cases do not preview to regulate contracted.

You e' then the fixed assumption that assumes in this type of relationship an atypical legal shape and all-inclusive contracted call matrimoniale.
We see which performances contractual e' held to supply the woman. Apparently all. Dicesi apparently poiche' the women are most skillful in appellarsi to the contractual dictation interpretandolo, distorcendolo and snaturandolo they piacimento. Using moreover regularly pretestuose emozionali pressures that call ' amore'. These levers, if demolished from endured are not most dangerous, leading in kind aIla total and declared contractual inadempienza.